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I have been a record producer, musician and mixer for quiet some time now, with lots of experience in many styles, ranging from pop, rock, fusion, latin, electronica, Brazillian pop even flamenco and many other genres.

During all these years I have also been able to see all the aspects of music composition, production, recording, mixing and mastering since I’ve had the chance to be on both sides of the glass: as an artist and as an audio engineer and producer, as well as in live gigs. I have also experience in audio to video mixing at LA’s Musicians Institute recording studios doing live mixes printed to tape on the fly with artists like Tower of Power, Al Di Meola, Chick Corea, Tribal Tech and many more.

My education in music began early in my youth as a self taught electric guitar player. After finishing high school I went to study classical guitar for 4 years.Later on decided to go to the states to learn electric guitar playing at Musicians Insttitute’s G.I.T. and after sometime there and some how unexpectedly began to study audio production at a state of the art recording facility and school that started during that time at Musicians Institute, its name is R.I.T.

All that time in Los Angeles was a great experience and opportunity to meet many musicians carving their own way into music bussiness with whom I began experimenting with recording techniques and composition. Some of them led to start several projects that after some time eneded up being signed recording artists as the Spanish Macaco and Grammy award winner Ojos de Brujo. with whom I produced several records.

Towards the end of my time in California, I went to work at one of the biggest recording facilities in the world,”The “Enterprise”. Where Many major Artits went to record and mix. There, I had the chance to listen to recording and mostly mixdown sessions of artists like “Rage Against the Machine”, “The Fugees” and many big names. Althou I can not claim to have those credits since I was just starting to work, I did hear how they shaped sound. It really was a great learning experience.

Althou most of my work has been based in Barcelona, Spain, I have had also the chance to do works for David Byrne’s Luaka Bop, as well as many major record labels. Also during my LA years I worked in records of such artits like Steve Bailey and Victor Wootten. As well as ex Frank Zappa band member Mike Keneally.

I also went to Brazil for some years to record “MesmaLua” which is a band and an MPB (Brazillian popular music) record name, mixed at AR Studios, Rio de Janeiro. In this album we had the collaboration with the great  precussionist Marcos Suzano, who played with Sting and during the nineties fomed a well respected duo with Brazillian Singer Lenine. Between gigs sand stuff we recorded and wrote several modern ballet sound tracks which some were awarded two consecutive years with 1st and 2nd prizes in Minas Gerais by SESC/SATED.

In these last years my studio of choice for analog mixing has been musiclan studios (musiclan.com) in Catalonia, northern Spain, and for digital stuff I do it in my studio.

Times are changing now, since in the past mostly all was done on analog tape recorders and giant analog mixers which delivered a great sound, now a days with the change in the

music bussiness and technology, producers and mixers have the opportunity to impress their audiences with tha aid of digital recorders and plugins to shape their music in a more
affordable way if they intend to do so.

So making a story short, I can deliver a great sound and have the confidence to work with huge analog machines or in the lesser spectacular but great sounding techniques of digital, and the perspective of someone who understands the vision of the artist, the producer and the listener.

So welcome to this site and please take a listen to some samples so you can hear what I can deliver, being any style.


Carlos Jaramillo.