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Affordable mixing and mastering. Digital / analog

Hardware processes for compression EQ and Tube Treatment.

Huge collection of the best plugins the world has to offer.

Stem mastering versions available.

And the best of all: Great sounding tracks.

Real Analog synth tracking from midi files available.

Contact to order.

First revision at no extra charge.



170€ / 36 Tracks

40€ / For additional 8 track count.

Up to 4:30 min. Additional charge proportional.


45€ / Track or song.

15€ / Authoring and sequence per track.

Master creation or DDP: Free


Two options to choose from


1. SSL 4000 / NEVE 8036

Analog mixing boards, used on all mixes:

SSL 4000 Series Mixing Console.

NEVE 8036 Vintage analog console.

Analog / Digital multitracks (Pro Tools)

Huge External Outboard Gear.Dynamics, Fx, etc.

Analog or digital masters and multitracks.

Lexicon 480L / 960L Digital reverbs.

Instrument re amplification tracking available.

Analog or digital prints.

2. AUDIENT 8024

Analog mixing board: Audient 8024

Analog / Digital multitracks (Pro Tools)

External Outboard gear: Dynamics / Equalizers / Fx

Instrument re amplification tracking available.

Analog print to Digital Master


Please contact for pricing and arrangements.